FLOPPY THE ROBOT is a science fiction and fantasy story.


In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity has had to leave planet earth because of radioactive contamination, unleashed by an evil artificial intelligence. This super machine wants to dominate the world and leave it at the disposal of cybernetic life, expelling the human race and causing mutations in the few animals that still remain... Floppy the robot wanders around the world in the search of his creators, discovering that he is the key to destroy the evil villain and return hope to earth. Struggles between robots and mutants, friendship, courage and great discoveries await us in this great adventure.


Who is Floppy

Floppy is a robot created by the Productronica corporation, it is a robot made to help and serve humans, it learns easily and relates in a very affective way with others, floppy will have the mission of stopping an evil artificial intelligence that wants take over the world, and save the humans.


Screen Shoots

Some advances of what is the universe of Floppy the robot.